Frequently Ask Questions
There are few answered for the time being, it will increase with the increase of queries. You can always email to for more assistance.
Q. What does that pm option do?
A. If you have any personal messages(PMs) waiting at Mariana World forums, it will show there and once you click on it you will be directed to the forums leaving the top, so its better that u finish your work before entering to forums
Q. How can I add my site?
A. You will find options like add my site after you login in your Control Panel (or cpanel). Just follow the link, fields will be given to enter information about your site. After you enter information about your site, you just need to put the back link. Yes it is very easy.
Q. What is BACK LINK?
A. To increase your traffic just put the following code in your site at a convenient place, such that our verification team can see that before your site gets suspended/banned. This code is called BACK LINK to our top site. We recommend you to put the back link at your home page for easy accesibility. You can keep more than one link for sending more hits to our site. More hits means your site ranks better and thus eligible for getting more visitors from our top site.
<a href="">Mariana Top Sites</a>
Or even better, you can use our counter
If you put our counter on your site, you will be able to see the visitors, visiting your wapsite with their ip address and browser, at what time or day etc.
<a href=""><img src="" alt="MarianaTopSites"/></a>
Q. What is YourSiteID and COUNTER?
A. YourSiteID means the Site ID which is assigned to your site after you add it to our top site list. It is nothing but a number showing beside your site name. You need to use this number while placing back link or counter.
If you put our COUNTER on your site, you will be able to see the visitors, visiting your wapsite with their ip address and browser, at what time or day etc. A brief stats of your site is given which you can access through your cpanel after logging in.
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Mariana World Top Sites for WAP and WEB. Add your site to draw more traffic. Our Top site only displays active sites. This directory is helpful to list popular sites per the category. The Wap or Web sites can be listed seperately. Your wap or web sites will be listed as per the pageviews you receive, so more popular your site, more is the rank in our site and hence tops the chart and eventually more traffic to your site. We dont encourage spam links and we dont encourage link spamming. Please be fair and add only one link per domain/sub-domain may it be wap or web site. so click on login and add your site today