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Site Description: Here You can get a lists of free sms link which provides free sms to worldwide listed providers.
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»» Ana nu te vreau
From IP: 213.233.***.***
Added on: 13-08-09 - 18:23:05
»» Jouhbmejtj
From IP: 10.14.***.***
Added on: 27-04-09 - 19:27:27
»» I jst try to find free sms here,please help me to get free sms application
From IP: 202.93.***.***
Added on: 27-03-09 - 03:03:42
»» Hi
From IP: 203.145.***.***
Added on: 03-03-09 - 04:12:24
»» Kya hum sunni yo ne ye socha ke hum kya kar rahe hai ye dewbandi chote chote kasbo me bhi unka kam kar rahe hai to sub sunni olma apna kam gaw gaw faila de warna soch lijie
From IP: 117.98.***.***
Added on: 22-02-09 - 03:41:46
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